I don't think I've ever told you something about my current shopping habits on my blog. My shopping behavior has most definitely changed. In what way? Well I try to buy less, but also smarter. If I order something or go to the store I always look for neutral items that I can wear for a longer time. I feel like we're in a time and place where there is no point in buying items I will only wear once. For that reason I tried to avoid for example: flower prints, statement colors, etc. And I must say that my style really became one with my shopping habits. I'm lucky to be a big fan of all black outfits and neutrals. Most pieces of my closet I can combine endlessly because of that. It is a more sustainable choice, since I still shop fast-fashion. I recently sold and gave away a lot of my clothes. A capsule wardrobe I wouldn't call it yet, I still own to many clothes for this concept. For an actual capsule collection you own around 20 - 40 clothing items for absolute simplicity. I would rather call my method Shopping Smart. If I find something beautiful, but feel like I don't really need it or can't combine with a lot, I don't buy it at all anymore.

You know that black boots are my absolute weakness. The newest edition to the family is this pair of shoes from Sacha. Personally I prefer boots in real leather, because their quality will last way longer, which means I don't need te repurchase a similar pair every so often. A high pair of black boots was still something that was lacking in my collection. I think it's so versatile to wear. In the pictures you can see that I combined it with pants, but I will definitely also wear it bare legged or with stockings. For example combined with a big above the knee sweater or a cute skirt and top.


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