Comfortable shoes are really KEY during summer. As we all know, black boots are my absolute guilty pleasure the entire year around. But when it's getting more and more boiling hot out there I gladly exchange them for a nice pair of white sneakers. I find white sneakers just so easy to combine with most of my wardrobe. I think you can really style white sneakers with almost every outfit, whether it's casual or classy. Most of the time when I attend a wedding I will even sneak a white pair of sneaker in my car so I can casually switch them when I'm done wearing heels, we can all relate to that. Right?

Unpopular opinion: I don't like sandals. At least not the majority, there are always exceptions. For some reason I don't like the way sandals look on me. That's why owning a few pairs of sneakers is essential for me, because it's basically all I wear when it's hot. Wearing different pairs of white sneakers will of course make each pair live that little bit longer.

Here are some tips for keeping your sneakers clean and fresh for as long as possible:
A pair of leather sneakers is really easy to clean after walking around in dust, mud, etc. Most of the time you can easily clean them up with a cloth and some water. I always use a spray to protect the material from rain. When I buy shoes that are not leather I always make sure I can clean them by bathing them in the sink with some product like vanish or even put them in the washing machine. Note: Watch out when your shoes have a bigger platform, it could possibly damage your washing machine.


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