I've been thinking about these kind of boots since last winter. Just never really came to the point of ordering a pair, but now I finally did when this pair got all of my attention. This pair happened to have the perfect hight of platform. Ideal to walk around with all day, but also enough to give you those extra centimeters without having to compromise on comfort. I hate it when I can wear my shoes for only a short amount of time. I'd rather leave the house without having to put an extra pair of shoes in my car for just in case.

I have to be honest that I shouldn't really wear them on extremely sunny days, but hey... It's Belgium after all. Here are my styling options to wear these shoes:

1. On a cloudy Spring day: 
Get all of your must-have basics out of that closet. A blue mom jeans, simple white t-shirt and black leather PU jacket or blazer. The light blue and white make it look less harsh and winterish. 

2. A hot Summer day:
This option is not that different from the first one. Just replace the mom jeans with black or blue mom jeans shorts. You can take the black leather blazer or jacket with you in case it gets colder in the evening. 

3. A Cold Fall/Winter day:
A warm pair of socks in your boots combined with a black pair of skinny jeans and a fitted black sweater. And of course a big cosy coat. Even though summer is right around the corner. Winter coats will always be my weak spot.


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