It's the holiday season guys, so time for me to stop adding black boots to my shoe collection. It's a habit of mine to go for the black version of a pair of shoes even when they are available in multiple colors. As you can see I didn't went too crazy or flashy this time. It's a modern pair of silvern boots to look more festive. Since I'm not too crazy about party-outfits that catch a lot of attention, it's a good thing these boots are a subtle eye-catcher. I got mine from Sacha.

These are some pictures of the first look I created with the boots. A casual look with the blue denim and cosy sweater, because that's the way I like to leave my house. But looking slightly more festive. One more thing I like are minimalistic accessories, no big bling bling for me. Just a cute little necklace like this one from LUZ. I recently discovered the LUZ jewelry because of Sacha.

I'm planning on combining the boots with a sweater-dress to visit my family during the holidays. Really handy to wear comfortable shoes during these family parties. They fit like a glove and make me look elegant, but they are not hurting my feet at all. Having to take another pair of shoes to put on when the first pair is killing you is not something I like to do anymore. Guess I'm getting old lol.  

So many ways to combine them, as already told you. Just the way I like it. I never buy myself a pair of shoes I'm only going to wear once or twice. Having a big shoe collection doesn't mean anything to me if I can't get enough wear out of them. I'd rather spend some more money on a pair of good quality shoes than having 3 pairs of poor quality for the same amount of money.


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