It's getting colder and colder outside, which is actually good news. Why? It means we can wear our fake furs non stop again! On my social media, blog, etc. you'll never find anything but FAKE fur. I find it extremely important as a pet owner and influencer (oh god I hate that word) myself to not support this kind of fashion. Actually I have a sad story about a furry keychain. I few years ago I got this pompom keychain in pink as a present. It was my favorite thing ever and I was really happy with it. What I found out a few days later was that it was actually real fur. I got so overwhelmed by the feeling of guilt that a bunny had to die for this stupid thing. I immediately removed the thing from my keys and from my house. Moral of the story: Do not trust presents lol

Enough about the real fur, lets talk about this beautiful fake one. I got this one from Elise Store. I will put the link in here if you want to check it out www.elisestore.nl/fashion/jasjes/bloemenprint-furry-jas. An embroided one was something I've never had before and I love it. Since the colours are still very subtle I'm able to wear the jacket a lot. 


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