It feels weird to write this down, as I'm not fully believing it myself yet. In a few days I'll leave my beloved Antwerp, so this may be my last blogpost while I still live here. First I wasn't exactly sure if this was what I wanted, but now I'm fully convinced that I will be happy in my new home in Limburg. Especially since I love redecorating. The house is going to be twice the size of our current apartment, which means I have way more space and I can even add some furniture. One of the 3 bedrooms is going to be our workspace, I'm so happy to have all our stuff and computer in one inspiring space. Can't wait to make some new content for my blog and social media. 

Our other 2 bedrooms will be used as a bedroom and a dressing. I'm most excited for the dressing room since I always lack space in our current apartment. I'm already in love with the idea of a big walk-in closet! I never had a separate space to display my shoes in my dressing. I had to keep them in boxes at different places in the house. When all my shoes are displayed on shelves, it will be easier to  pick out the right pair to match my outfit while I see al my options. 

The shoes that I'm wearing in this post are from Sacha shoes. At this moment I'm expanding my heels collection. Boots and sneakers are always an easy and comfortable solution to wear on a daily basis, but lately I'm preferring an elegant shoe also during the day. This is a great pair of summer shoes to spice up a simple dress or playsuit.


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