I think it's safe to say that I'm a big fan of this button up trend. In these pictures I'm wearing a white blouse from NA-KD. Besides the fact that I truly hate ironing blouses like this, it's the best one ever. The first button item I got myself was actually an other NA-KD top, a beige one that is more in stretch material. I'm sure I'll put some images online of it in the future. 

This casual look was the one I was wearing for a quick walk and ice cream. I've tried to style it with black classic shorts and heels and looked intently way more classy. Love the variety that these blouses offer. Please remind me of the fact that I don't need any more button up items when I'm shopping please. Even if I think I do, NO. Besides these 2 NA-KD tops I also got myself a beige skirt, a black dress and a more fitted white blouse from LOAVIES. When I truly love something I always find myself in the position of grabbing almost the same items/style. Yes, I'm that girl that buys 2 different colors of the same piece when she's just in love with it. Working on that. Lol.


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