I'm not going to write another article focussing on black boots. We all know that's basically the item I wear on a daily basis. So nothing new under the sun. Recently I started to focus more on my ear jewelry. I had the worst time as a teenager trying out different kind of earrings and materials, everything made my ears just hurt real bad, so I just stopped wearing it. Something I've always regretted since I think it can make such a big difference to your look or outfit.

Earlier this year I decided to get my left ear pierced, it was an impulsive action. If you know me, I'm the least impulsive person ever who's always in need for a plan A, B and even C. When I got home I was kind of wondering what I would have to do if it would start hurting again. Simply just remove it and pretend like it has never happened. The store where I got my ear pierced told me to disinfect it twice a day for a few weeks, so that's what exactly what I did. To my great surprise I never had any problems during this period of time. After 6 weeks I was allowed to try other earrings, but I actually never did since I was afraid it would start to hurt. I bought the same earrings for my other earring holes and even got a fourth one pierced.

One month ago I tried to put in new earrings and guess what? No problem at all. I'm so happy with this early Christmas miracle and I have been wearing my new earrings I got from Sacha very often. I think these silver earrings complete every outfit. I wore them on Christmas eve on a black classic jumper and it made such a difference to my outfit in my opinion. I also like to wear them on a more sassy outfit like the one you can see in the pictures. A big sweater, some leather pants and black boots. A very simple look, you can't go wrong with this.

I love the fact that my earrings match the shoes I'm wearing at that moment. These boots have silver buckels and match perfectly with silver jewelry. I'm sure I'm going to check out the boots and the women's shoes over all at Sacha when the sales start.


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