First things first. When I get home I always immediately get rid of my outfit to jump into my loungewear. I just love a comfortable and effortless look when I'm home. For example when someone delivers my parcel I want don't want to open the door looking like a homeless girl. That's why I'm always looking for some additions to my mini homewear collection. Especially during this time of the year. I can't wait to add some festive pieces to my wardrobe. I might just as well put up my Christmas tree tomorrow. Or today.

Recently I got myself two brand new outfits from the Hunkemöller loungewear collection. 
To be completely honest, I would even wear the grey sweater outside my house. It's very comfy, but very wearable. For example on black denim. When I'm home I  combine the sweater with the grey Hunkemöller pants or some black shorts when it's not that cold. 

The bordeaux outfit I actually ordered because it's perfect for fall and winter. The colour makes me want to grab my dog, boyfriend a cup of tea and a soft blanket. So we can all snuggle up on the sofa. Too bad you can't see my boyfriend on the pictures, because he was the one taking the pictures, lol.

Hunkemöller added some new pieces after I placed my order and I already see some items that I would purchase and I feel like I need them in my life. For example matching onesies for you and your dog. I'm not the kind of girl that loves putting clothes on her dog, but seriously, matching onesies... I just can't resist. 


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