Welcome back leopard print. We've been missing you. I couldn't be more happy about the big return of animal prints these days. Wearing an animal printed-item is such a statement piece, it really takes your outfit to the next level without any effort. For example this leopard sweater. So in love with it. For this occasion I styled it with a casual mom jeans and black boots from Sacha. As you can see, the sweater catches your attention immediately. Can't wait to combine the sweater in a more classy way and test its versatility. I was thinking about skinny black high-waisted pants and some pumps. Even though I'm not that big of a high heels girl, I'm getting in a festive sphere already so the you have your explanation lol.

I know Christmas is still a few months away, but fall and winter are my absolute favorite seasons. A very unpopular opinion, I'm aware of that. The magical feeling of this part of the year just really hits me every single year and I'm always a little sad when it's over. Beside the parties, presents and family-time I just love layering my clothes and big sweaters. Not convinced yet? I can continue for a few more hours if you want to. Besides the fact that the most wonderful time of the year is coming closer I have more exciting news. Recently I started working at my new job and so far I'm absolutely living for it. I realize more than ever that feeling good about your job is so important. So if you need some quarter-life crisis advice from an almost 25 yrs old girl: never settle for less and know your strengths, find yourself a job you like so it doesn't feel like a struggle to get out of bed and go to your job every single day. At this moment I'm very happy combining my parttime job and blog so let me end this post on a very positive note.

Have an amazing weekend!


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