You probably are about to open this blogpost because you want to know how you can push your content since the Instagram algorithm has changed a lot. Trust me, I was looking for the exact same thing not that long ago. Since my engagement, likes, comments, etc. dropped, I some kind of panicked and went looking for some tips and tricks to get it back to normal. While I was reading the tips and trying to make them work, reality hit me in the face. What the actual hell am I doing? This is not what life is about. These days there's an enormous amount of people having their own blog, Youtube or Instagram. Influencing became a huge thing in our generation, but not all of these people are doing it for the right reasons. Don't get me wrong, I'm not pointing a finger to anyone. I'm just here to help you if this is really your passion. Influencing is not about receiving goodies and packages. For me it's all about the total experience. I love every single step of the game. From picking outfits to shoot to the final step of putting my content online. Here are my tips that really worked for me to make my account more successful.

I always find it really sweet when people give me a nice comment on my pictures. Since I don't have a following of 1.000.000 people and probably never will (lol) I'm able to, and really want to comment back to what they said. Look at it this way: When someone in real life compliments you on your outfit, are you just going to ignore it? Probably not, so I try to that person I am in real life in the online world. I really enjoy interacting with people and nothing makes me happier than comments like "You really inspire me". At the end of the road this is why I do it and what gives me the power to create new and better content. Try to really engage with these people, not for your statistics, but to really build this online relationship. 

This is probably the tip I could write a book about, or at least dedicate an entire blogpost on. I'll try to sum up the most important advice right here. These days I see a lot of accounts without any personality at all. Just playing the Instagram game point-blank.

First of all, when I scroll through my news feed I very often read the same captions over and over again. Don't feel obligated to use those pinterest quotes or captions about the weather and days of the week like "Happy monday", "Hope you had an amazing weekend", "It was a sunny day", etc.  I'm not saying you should never talk about those things but dare to express yourself in your caption. You'll catch more attention and jump out of the mass. I personally try to give my captions a funny twist most of the time (up to you to find it funny or not lol), because that's also the kind of person I am in real life. I don't take myself very seriously most of the time and it seems to work pretty well.

Second one is to not take every opportunity that crosses your path. What I mean is, stay true to your style. When brands or stores offer you something, only accept the collabs that define you or your style, not just because you think it would look good on your feed because the rest does it. I know this is tricky especially for aspiring influencers since you think this is the way to grow. In no way I am judging anyone, since I even made this mistake myself when I just started my blog. I accepted a collab and had to put a lot of effort into it to make it some kind of work and I decided that this was not the way to do it. Your audience loves you or your style, so don't change this to just to fit into the picture.

Not posting pictures a few days in a row will not be good for your statistics, but even worse is posting crappy content to just upload a picture every single day. For example, in this street you have 2 fruit stores. Store 1 has extremely good apples. Sweet, that perfect red color, very tasteful. But they only sell those good quality apples a few times a week. Store 2 has apples every single day of the week but you have to dig to find a good one or at least a decent one. There are even days when there's not even decent good apple. Where would you buy your apples? Exactly, store 1 because you know their quality won't let you down. This rule also counts on Instagram. If you're able to create very good content people will keep visiting your page and engage. Be the apple to my pie.

Just remember to always have fun and try to focus on good quality. I'm convinced that good work will always be rewarded at the end of the road. Numbers should not be a reason to do what you do. The human interaction is!<3 p="">


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