It’s festival season, so I decided to dedicate a look on this theme. I already hear you say this “Why the hell would you wear these kinds of shoes to a festival?” I was still in a Coachella kind of sphere when I created this look. Sneakers would be my go-to look for a casual festival, but we’ve all been there right? So why not try something new. And by the way, nothing too fancy for Chella right. It would be a very cool experience to attend this festival once I think. The pictures of the festival always look so magical and fun!

To be completely honest with you, I’ve never been a festival kid. Not to act like I’m all spoiled and afraid to get dirty. But after a long day covered in dust and dirt I really like the feeling of clean bed sheets and a hot shower. Can’t help it lol. Besides Belgium, I’ve only been to one festival in Europe which was Ultra Europe in Croatia.

Enough about that. Back to the outfit now. The studs on the shoes gave my outfit a really cool twist. It spiced up the cute black and white playsuit really well. I plan on combining the sandals with different items during this summer. They would look amazing with a brand new high-waisted pair of shorts I recently got from Zara, so stay tuned to see more looks with these sandals on my blog and Instagram. I even think I’ll continue wearing them during fall with black denim and a big sweater. Yes, I like to get the most wear out of my clothes


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