There's something that's telling me Spring is in town, what could that be? The smell of fresh spring blossom of course. I must say I'm a big fan of all our seasons. Especially Winter. I know this is probably the most hated season for the average human being, but I just can't help it. Even though I'm a sucker for big cosy sweaters and Christmas, I have to say I'm excited for the first signs of Spring since it's been very cold lately. It's the perfect weather to start peeling off some of those warm layers of winter clothing and get that leather jacket out to catch a ray of sunshine on my face. Mother nature and I teamed up to match our looks wearing my flower embroidered sweater with some pink pastels in it, just like the trees. 

In my previous post about my latest black boots addition to the family I told you I should expand my sneaker collection. So far it's going great. I got myself a pastel/white pair of platform sneakers from Sacha. Give that person who invented the platform sneaker a pat on the back from me if you see him/her. I just love what those shoes do to your body and outfit. I'm actually not a short girl with my 1m75, but my legs are not endless so I love the fact that it elongates my legs and makes them look a little bit slimmer. To finish of this look I added some dark sunglasses. Not only does this complete my look, but it protects my eyes from the sun. I'm ready to enjoy the day. Hope you'll have an amazing day as well!


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