Oops I did it again… No surprise, right? Another pair of black boots, but a pair of lacquer leather boots was still missing in my collection. I often wear all black outfits, so my shoes may stand out a little more. Since I’m not the most colorful person on planet earth you won’t see me wear a really colourful shoe, so this pair is a good alternative for me. These boots already catch more attention because of its shininess, spiced up my outfit immediately.
If you love shoes as much as I do, I’ve got some good news for you! Sacha is still adding new collection and I already wishlisted a few items! For example a pair of sneakers. Since I wear boots all the time, during every season, I think it’s time for me to expand my sneaker collection. There’s still plenty of room to do that, because I just don’t own a lot of sneakers. Not that I don’t like them, It’s just that I wear the same pair over and over again when I really love it and I kind of forget to buy new ones. Sounds weird, I know.  

Spring is on its way, not that the current weather is showing that, but I’ve also promised myself to buy more colorful clothes. This winter was all about black, grey and beige for me and I kind of got bored of it. Never thought I would say that. So remind me of this when I’m about to shop another black item lol.


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