Hi guys, today is the day. I received a lot of questions about my hair the past weeks. Since it's quite difficult to answer all of your questions individually in depth, I decided to post some of my hair routines the following weeks. Today I will talk about the products I use and how I straighten my hair. 

A few weeks ago I agreed on a collab with John Beerens. They are specialized in haircare, so I trusted their knowledge and received a package that would help me to achieve ultimate hairgoals. I was planning on writing a review about this collab, but the product actually became a part of my daily routine so I tell you more about them in a minute. 

First of all I was already using a shampoo and conditioner that I really liked so that part of my hair routine never changed. It's important to find the right products for YOUR hair. Products that work for your friend may be a fiasco for you. My hair is naturally very straight and long. Because of the length of my hair the ends can be a little dry sometimes from the heath of my hair tools. So I need products that keep my hair soft and nourished. I use the Wella SP smoothen shampoo and conditioner to achieve this.

After washing my hair I apply the newest addition to my haircare routine, this is where John Beerens came in, the Color Wow Cocktail. It gives your hair a healthy shine and boost. I apply it when my hair is still wet and I dry it with a blowdryer since heat activates the product even more. I've been using this product for weeks right now and even feel a difference in the structure of my hair. 

Usually I go to sleep when I washed my hair, I almost never wash my hair in the morning since it takes me thousand years to wash and blow-dry it and I don't have the time for that at the beginning of the day. So when I style my hair with my CHI straightener I'll use some of the Biosilk Silk Therapy oil to finish it. The smell is so pleasant and it makes my hair ends very soft. That basically means I'm ready to start the day! 

Want to try out these products or other ones that suit your hair? Good news, I have this -10% discount code for you: STEFFI10 on www.johnbeerens.com 

Even more good news: The hair straightener I use is currently on sale. 
It gives you this satin shiny hair look. You can adjust the temperature the way you want which makes it suitable for all hair types. 


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