Even though it's already November I'm still wearing sunglasses. Not all day long obviously, but at some occasions they can be really handy. Let me tell you why. Many people will find it weird and give you a funny look when you are wearing sunglasses when there is no sun at all. It's really easy to wear sunglasses to make some outfit pictures when the weather isn't that great. On photo's grey weather can take away the energy and sparkle in your eyes and make you look dull. Even with the help of Lightroom it still doesn't work for me to bring this back to reality sometimes. It also helps to give your outfit that something extra when it's actually just very basic like this sweater and black pants.

My favorite of this moment is this all time classic one: Céline Shadow. I ordered them on www.visiofactory.com without even trying them on first since I was so in love with them and I was quite sure they would look decent on me because I have such a large face lol. I love the fact that it's such an eye-catcher on a simple outfit. I find them really easy to wear on a daily basis. That's what I'm looking for in sunglasses most of the time. 


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