Finally found this black dress I was looking for! I never expected this to be so difficult to find a black dress with white dots that matched my style. This one is from the webshop www.elisestore.nl. I've been wearing a lot of their clothing lately, let me explain you why. 

I can only support people that want to be an entrepreneur and start their own company because of their own passion. Right now a webshop is an easy way to start selling clothes instead of a real life store, since this is very expensive. So many people own a webshop these days, but in my opinion a lot of people are doing it for the money. It makes me sad to see there's not a lot of hard work behind some webshops that are too lazy to create their own content. I'll give you an example, some webshops don't even find it necessary to take their own pictures or pack shots. They simply download the pictures from the wholesalers where they bought the clothing to resell it. 

This is exactly why I love EliseStore so much. They make their own pictures with lovely models. It's a lot of work to do it this way. Looking for models, shooting, editing the pictures, etc. Hard work pays off, their website is very professional and beautiful. So is their Instagram account. This is not the only reason why I keep wearing their clothing. It's a shop you can trust, they always deliver your package as soon as possible. Most of the time it even arrived the day after I placed my order. Need one more argument to be convinced to take a look at their webshop? They don't sell crappy clothing for high prices like a lot of webshops do these days. All the items I ordered are very good quality and are worth the price. Only love for this webshop. 

Note: I'm not paid to write this post. I just like to support my locals when I really love something.


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