Lately I've been wearing a lot of black and soft colors like beige and grey. Time to spice up my Instagram-feed by wearing this blue top. Normally I'm not the biggest fan of these kind of tops since there is a lot going on, like dots and a very bright colour. But this one just had this 90's vibe that I couldn't resist. I love the 90's, sometimes I find it sad I wasn't born earlier so I could have experienced everything even more. I was born in 1993, only a little kid, but I still remember this music and clothing like it was yesterday.

And even more important, there was no such a thing as a smartphone, a laptop or social media. I think these items have changed us human beings forever. Even tough I love blogging and sharing my passion all over the world, you'll never hear me say that social media is a complete blessing. There's always two sides of the story. We all know the fun side, but we barely think about the fact that it is poison for our social lives at some times, funny for something that's called "social" media. I try to put my phone in my purse when I'm around other people, I find it important to have real conversations without being distracted by the rest of the world on my phone. Sometimes I just can't resist it when I still have to post a picture I really need to share with you since that's what I do as a blogger. I sound like a very old lady right now, I do realize that. Blame it on the fact that I just turned 24. This is only getting worse, so be prepared.


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