It's already a few weeks ago that I edited these pictures, but I couldn't really find the inspiration to write something about it. Is this what people call a writers block? Anyways when I look at these pictures it reminds me of the woman that crossed the street that day. I should tell you about that instead of just telling you how much I love the fact that my sunglasses match the orange flowers on my playsuit. You already know that if you know me.

When I was sitting down to take pictures this woman and her son were right in front of me. The little boy looked at my glasses and told me they looked funny. Couldn't agree with him more lol. His mother told me and him she had a pair of sunglasses like this when she was really young and it made her happy to see that they are back. It were great memories for her. It made me think about the fact that everything in fashion comes back. At least, a lot of things. I throw or give away a lot of stuff, maybe I should start keeping accessories like this. It might come back one day. I'm just not that kind of person that keeps everything in case it may come back. If I don't wear something for one year, I take it out of my closet. It's impossible to keep all of your clothes for years. And we need space for new stuff right? 


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