Sometimes I feel like my personality was split in 2 parts. One part that likes to be very feminine and cute and the other part is actually the opposite. It's the black and sassy side. I don't see why we should listen to those stigmas. I "dare" to combine different styles at the same time. If you also feel this way, go for it girl, or boy. Sometimes we just can do both. If you were the biggest Disney Channel fan (like I was) you probably remember Demi Lovato in her younger years. In the song Lalaland she sang "Who said I can't wear my Converse with my dress well baby that's just me". We should all take note.

I was wearing this lovely playsuit from Venca at our bloggers closet sale this weekend. I got mine from 3Suisses. Really easy to order and to pick up, so just in time! Wearing it with loafers or heels is probably a little too cute for me on a daily basis so I combined them with MY FAVOURITE thing ever. Boots. This outfit would be very basic if it weren't for my shoes. The chains on these Manfield biker boots are a true eye-catcher and take this look to the next level. Picking a pair of shoes is very easy to me most of the time, but the new collection at the Manfield website made me want to order a pair of 2. Or 10. But that's ok. Sometimes girls will be girls. That's at least one stereotype I will live up to lol.


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