I've been using the #VineActiv products from Caudalie. The perfect time, because my skin has never looked so dull and tired since I've been sick for such a long time. I didn't get my hopes up when I first applied the products, because my skin was in a bad condition at that time. I've been using the products for a two weeks now and I can tell you I fell in love with them.

First I apply the serum to start the day, it prepares my skin for the moisturizer. They are both very light and not sticky at all. That's always my biggest concern, I hate the feeling of having a heavy and sticky cream on my face that makes me feel like my pores can't breath. The serum and moisturizer both have a very subtle and natural smell. After a few minutes the smell fades away, or I just get used to it.

After I applied moisturizer I take the eye cream and apply it under my eyes. This area happens to be very sensitive in my case, I tend to get dark circles very fast so hydrating this skin is a must for me. The cream is a perfect match with my skin, it hydrates very good and leaves no sticky or ugly patches when I put my concealer on top of it.

Before I go to bed I have this routine of removing all of the make-up I'm wearing. When my skin is fresh and clean I apply the serum again and put a few drops of the night oil to gently apply it on my face. My only concern was the amount of product. I read that I had to take six drops, but that was way too much for my skin. I can't stand the feeling of having a product on my face that I can notice because of the smell or stickiness when I'm in bed. I like the feeling of having fresh and non greasy skin. Putting 3 drops in my hands first was already enough for me.

Overall I would rate these products 8/10. Perfect skincare products don't exist in my opinion, but I could see myself using these ones for a long time. My skin reacts great on it. If I could chance one thing, I would add a light night cream to hydrate the skin and leave the oil for a few times a week to hydrate deeper. That's just my personal opinion, because I am a huge fan of light creams and not oil drops, unless it's a very dry oil.


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