I'm that kind of human being that's always in a hurry, trying my very best to arrive in time. That's exactly why I forget to wear perfume so often, because it's the last thing I do before I leave the house.  A few months ago I discovered some great fragrances again and it made me change this weird habit of always forgetting about the perfume as the last step. What a great timing though, because I had the opportunity to get to know some new HUGO BOSS fragrances. 

My favorite one at this moment is BOSS MY VIE FLORALE, the newest member of the BOSS MY VIE family. I must admit it wasn't love at first sight, until I sprayed the perfume on my own wrist and I truly fell in love with this great smell of flowers. It's like having fresh flowers all over the house. The packaging is feminine, I'll always be the first one to grab a pink but stylish bottle. The silver details make it look elegant and very HUGO BOSS.

As you can see there is more than one bottle perfume on the pictures, the second one is the BOSS The Scent for HER. Also a very feminine smell, but I must say the golden cap and see trough bottle is why I like it so much. Sometimes I use it as an accessory to brighten up my room like this. Sometimes I'm a bit odd, I know. But at least it's making me happy. 

Which is your absolute favorite perfume at his moment? 


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