I love this time of the year, but is is ok to say that I'm almost happy that it's over? One more belated Christmas party to go, so those new years resolutions are about to start after that. I'm running out of festive outfits, just sayin'. 

This is what I looked like on the 25th of December. A classic black and white blouse with a black skirt (which you can't see, way too cold to take of that coat). My boyfriend Stijn and I spent that day at his grandmother's house. The entire family shows up to have an amazing lunch and catch up with each other. Here is the part where I actually do understand the conversation. Not always that easy when you have different dialects. Later that day was the most challenging part at his other grandmother's house, where they speak Dutch in a way I'll never be able to understand lol. 

We had a great and peaceful day in Limburg, the time we kind of regret seeing each other not more often. There is always so much to talk about. But that's what Christmas is all about I guess. 

Hope you had a lovely time ♡


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