It's sweater-weather! I fell head over heels in love with this one from Maison Margiela. Guess you all know I'm addicted to cosy and comfy sweaters, so this one is a true match for me. In the store called Zin were so many great pieces. When I went to the fittingroom I saw someone left her sweater right there, great for me. It was actually Inge from Bubble Trouble, she was also going to try on the sweater, oops! Almost stole it :D. Lucky me, there was one more sweater in my size.

If you are in the city Leuven, you must check out this store. It has amazing clothing from great designers. Maybe a perfect present for that someone special for christmas? For more info go to www.zin-fashion.be/. Check out some pictures of the store and click on "Read more". 

Sweater - Maison Margiela from Zin Leuven
Bag - Sacha Shoes
Shoes - Vagabond (http://nl.sarenza.be/)


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