Hi there! Getting a tan during these days is a great thing, but how do we stay flawless when temperatures are getting this hot? These are some simple and cheap tricks that make me feel and look better.

  1. First of all I like to apply some long lasting nail polish. Rimmel has some nice ones that make you almost look like you just had a gel manicure. It lasts longer than a simple nail polish, which is really nice. To make it even last longer you can use a glitter polish as a topcoat. No fun at all to remove the glitters, but it will make your nail polish stay for days. And that's what we all want, right?
  2. I use some dry shampoo for more volume. My hair is super straight, especially when it's this hot outside. The baptiste dry shampoo is my favourite one to spice up my hair.
  3. Vitamin E Eyes Cube from The Body Shop gives me a cool feeling on my skin. It's very refreshing. Your eyes feel like you have had some more sleep, so your face feels nice the entire day.
  4. Stay shine-free. How? Use a mattifier. It will absorb excess oils and controls shine for a few hours. The one I like to use is from Catrice.
  5. To finish your look, wear some nice sunnies to protect your eyes. It will prevent your skin from getting wrinkles. Why? It's harder to look at something, because of the sunshine, so you will frown. Frowing means more wrinckles when we get older. Just wear those sunnies, be classy and grow old like a diva lol. 


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