When I was little I was obsessed with Snow White. I've always wanted to be a Disney girl like her. Talking with animals, wearing these amazing dresses, but guess what? Our only similarity is our ultra pale skin. Sometimes I wear self tanners when I want to look tanned, because I want my skin to be healthy. Want to know if I liked St Moriz? Click "Read More"

St Moriz is (at this point) one of my favourite tanning mousses. Here are my results and some Pros and Cons.

  1. It goes on nicely because of the guide colour
  2. It's not expensive
  3. You're left with a natural looking tan
  4. The colour fades evenly in about 4-5 days
  5. Not sticky

  1. Even after taking a shower I could still smell some typical self tanner smell
  2. Like every self tanner I've used so far: It's difficult to make the tan look natural and real on your hands and feet.
Score: 4/5

The colour looks a bit orange right here, but that's actually not the case;


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