I'm back! I had an amazing time in Egypt. 40°C means wearing bikini's all day long. You can see my favourite bikini from www.bikinisonline.eu/ in the pictures. It's such a comfortable model, because of its special design on the back. This bikini is way more special and easy to wear. BikinisOnline has a little shop in Schilde, but you can also buy their brands like Phax, Maaji, Lemar etc. online. Mix and match the bikini's and the sizes, a very good thing if your bottom and top are not the same size.

Seen one you'd love to have on their website? Use my name 'steffigallemaert' for a 10% discount. I promise you won't regret this purchase ;-).

You can follow them on instagram @bikinisonline.eu

Phax - http://www.bikinisonline.eu/


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