I think it's safe to say that I'm a big fan of this button up trend. In these pictures I'm wearing a white blouse from NA-KD. Besides the fact that I truly hate ironing blouses like this, it's the best one ever. The first button item I got myself was actually an other NA-KD top, a beige one that is more in stretch material. I'm sure I'll put some images online of it in the future. 

This casual look was the one I was wearing for a quick walk and ice cream. I've tried to style it with black classic shorts and heels and looked intently way more classy. Love the variety that these blouses offer. Please remind me of the fact that I don't need any more button up items when I'm shopping please. Even if I think I do, NO. Besides these 2 NA-KD tops I also got myself a beige skirt, a black dress and a more fitted white blouse from LOAVIES. When I truly love something I always find myself in the position of grabbing almost the same items/style. Yes, I'm that girl that buys 2 different colors of the same piece when she's just in love with it. Working on that. Lol.




I've had so many pairs of black boots in my life, but I kind of abandoned long boots. Except for over the knee boots, that's something I've been wearing over the past years. Since this western boots trend recently popped up, I got myself a black pair at Sacha from their woman's shoes. To be honest, at first I didn't really know how to style them. I've tried a couple of dresses and skirts and I was not feeling it. It gave me Hannah Montana/young Miley Cyrus vibes, so that's not really the look I was going for. After almost regretting my impulsive decision I've found my way to style them and I'm obsessed. It's such a comfortable pair of shoes that gives your outfit a cool look, instead of a casual or elegant look with classic black ankle boots. 



I must admit I'm the kind of person that will grab a black pair of jeans very often. It's just really easy to combine. Spring is in the air, so I'm kind of pushing myself to get my dark and light blue denim more out the closet. My latest addition to my closet is this blue denim jumpsuit from NA-KD fashion.  It's such a comfortable and easy to style item. I combined them with some sassy black boots in the pictures, because it was still a little cold. 

When the weather is even better I love to finish the look with white platform sneakers. White sneakers are just very easy to wear with a lot of outfits and styles. Most of the time I even take them with me when I'm wearing heels. I'm not the most elegant girl that will wear her heels all night long so this platform sneaker trend can stick around for a long time if you ask me! Lol



I'm not going to write another article focussing on black boots. We all know that's basically the item I wear on a daily basis. So nothing new under the sun. Recently I started to focus more on my ear jewelry. I had the worst time as a teenager trying out different kind of earrings and materials, everything made my ears just hurt real bad, so I just stopped wearing it. Something I've always regretted since I think it can make such a big difference to your look or outfit.



First things first. When I get home I always immediately get rid of my outfit to jump into my loungewear. I just love a comfortable and effortless look when I'm home. For example when someone delivers my parcel I want don't want to open the door looking like a homeless girl. That's why I'm always looking for some additions to my mini homewear collection. Especially during this time of the year. I can't wait to add some festive pieces to my wardrobe. I might just as well put up my Christmas tree tomorrow. Or today.



Welcome back leopard print. We've been missing you. I couldn't be more happy about the big return of animal prints these days. Wearing an animal printed-item is such a statement piece, it really takes your outfit to the next level without any effort. For example this leopard sweater. So in love with it. For this occasion I styled it with a casual mom jeans and black boots from Sacha. As you can see, the sweater catches your attention immediately. Can't wait to combine the sweater in a more classy way and test its versatility. I was thinking about skinny black high-waisted pants and some pumps. Even though I'm not that big of a high heels girl, I'm getting in a festive sphere already so the you have your explanation lol.



You probably are about to open this blogpost because you want to know how you can push your content since the Instagram algorithm has changed a lot. Trust me, I was looking for the exact same thing not that long ago. Since my engagement, likes, comments, etc. dropped, I some kind of panicked and went looking for some tips and tricks to get it back to normal. While I was reading the tips and trying to make them work, reality hit me in the face. What the actual hell am I doing? This is not what life is about. These days there's an enormous amount of people having their own blog, Youtube or Instagram. Influencing became a huge thing in our generation, but not all of these people are doing it for the right reasons. Don't get me wrong, I'm not pointing a finger to anyone. I'm just here to help you if this is really your passion. Influencing is not about receiving goodies and packages. For me it's all about the total experience. I love every single step of the game. From picking outfits to shoot to the final step of putting my content online. Here are my tips that really worked for me to make my account more successful.

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