Oops I did it again… No surprise, right? Another pair of black boots, but a pair of lacquer leather boots was still missing in my collection. I often wear all black outfits, so my shoes may stand out a little more. Since I’m not the most colorful person on planet earth you won’t see me wear a really colourful shoe, so this pair is a good alternative for me. These boots already catch more attention because of its shininess, spiced up my outfit immediately.



Hi guys, today is the day. I received a lot of questions about my hair the past weeks. Since it's quite difficult to answer all of your questions individually in depth, I decided to post some of my hair routines the following weeks. Today I will talk about the products I use and how I straighten my hair. 



It's the holiday season guys, so time for me to stop adding black boots to my shoe collection. It's a habit of mine to go for the black version of a pair of shoes even when they are available in multiple colors. As you can see I didn't went too crazy or flashy this time. It's a modern pair of silvern boots to look more festive. Since I'm not too crazy about party-outfits that catch a lot of attention, it's a good thing these boots are a subtle eye-catcher. I got mine from Sacha.



Nothing better than a long walk in the park when it's cold to clear your head. Some people find it ugly when the trees already lost their leaves, but I actually like it when the floor is covered with orange leaves instead of green grass. You could almost say my outfit is some kind of camouflage because it blends in so well lol. Especially my furry coat. I find it really easy to combine it with other items. Nothing new or refreshing this time, just all black. You already know I love having a lot of black items in my wardrobe, but I think I'll post pictures when I combine it with something more colorful. Like blue denim. 



It's getting colder and colder outside, which is actually good news. Why? It means we can wear our fake furs non stop again! On my social media, blog, etc. you'll never find anything but FAKE fur. I find it extremely important as a pet owner and influencer (oh god I hate that word) myself to not support this kind of fashion. Actually I have a sad story about a furry keychain. I few years ago I got this pompom keychain in pink as a present. It was my favorite thing ever and I was really happy with it. What I found out a few days later was that it was actually real fur. I got so overwhelmed by the feeling of guilt that a bunny had to die for this stupid thing. I immediately removed the thing from my keys and from my house. Moral of the story: Do not trust presents lol



Even though it's already November I'm still wearing sunglasses. Not all day long obviously, but at some occasions they can be really handy. Let me tell you why. Many people will find it weird and give you a funny look when you are wearing sunglasses when there is no sun at all. It's really easy to wear sunglasses to make some outfit pictures when the weather isn't that great. On photo's grey weather can take away the energy and sparkle in your eyes and make you look dull. Even with the help of Lightroom it still doesn't work for me to bring this back to reality sometimes. It also helps to give your outfit that something extra when it's actually just very basic like this sweater and black pants.



Lately I've been wearing a lot of black and soft colors like beige and grey. Time to spice up my Instagram-feed by wearing this blue top. Normally I'm not the biggest fan of these kind of tops since there is a lot going on, like dots and a very bright colour. But this one just had this 90's vibe that I couldn't resist. I love the 90's, sometimes I find it sad I wasn't born earlier so I could have experienced everything even more. I was born in 1993, only a little kid, but I still remember this music and clothing like it was yesterday.

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