Going for a casual walk is probably one of the most exciting we did the past year. I must say this had a certain influence on the way I picked out new clothes. Shoes must be pretty in the first place, but also comfy because who wants those blisters when you are going for a nice long walk to clear your head. I got this new pair of shoes from Sacha and had a very specific reason to buy them, besides the fact that I find them extremely gorgeous. My feet get easily freezing cold during the winter, no matter how thick my socks are, for some reason I believe that platform shoes keep my feet more warm. Might be because the sole is thicker and your sole is further away from the cold ground. So a little tip for you if you also "suffer" from this lol. 

Speaking about the weather, we've already had such lovely temperatures during February. But March wasn't really easy on us with all of its cold and rain. I'm such a winter person, but even I'm craving for a little bit of sunshine and the fresh blossom of Spring. Even though I'm quite allergic lol. When the current season is about to end I always get this urge to want to wear and buy clothes for the next season. I've actually got myself nothing for spring yet to be honest, because it has been so cold! Can not imagine myself wearing I skirt of dress bare legged. Let's all hope that changes any minute now, because we are ready for a wardrobe change!




I don't think I've ever told you something about my current shopping habits on my blog. My shopping behavior has most definitely changed. In what way? Well I try to buy less, but also smarter. If I order something or go to the store I always look for neutral items that I can wear for a longer time. I feel like we're in a time and place where there is no point in buying items I will only wear once. For that reason I tried to avoid for example: flower prints, statement colors, etc. And I must say that my style really became one with my shopping habits. I'm lucky to be a big fan of all black outfits and neutrals. Most pieces of my closet I can combine endlessly because of that. It is a more sustainable choice, since I still shop fast-fashion. I recently sold and gave away a lot of my clothes. A capsule wardrobe I wouldn't call it yet, I still own to many clothes for this concept. For an actual capsule collection you own around 20 - 40 clothing items for absolute simplicity. I would rather call my method Shopping Smart. If I find something beautiful, but feel like I don't really need it or can't combine with a lot, I don't buy it at all anymore.



Comfortable shoes are really KEY during summer. As we all know, black boots are my absolute guilty pleasure the entire year around. But when it's getting more and more boiling hot out there I gladly exchange them for a nice pair of white sneakers. I find white sneakers just so easy to combine with most of my wardrobe. I think you can really style white sneakers with almost every outfit, whether it's casual or classy. Most of the time when I attend a wedding I will even sneak a white pair of sneaker in my car so I can casually switch them when I'm done wearing heels, we can all relate to that. Right?



I've been thinking about these kind of boots since last winter. Just never really came to the point of ordering a pair, but now I finally did when this pair got all of my attention. This pair happened to have the perfect hight of platform. Ideal to walk around with all day, but also enough to give you those extra centimeters without having to compromise on comfort. I hate it when I can wear my shoes for only a short amount of time. I'd rather leave the house without having to put an extra pair of shoes in my car for just in case.



Fall is here, so I declare blazer season officially opened. Seriously, I have an entire part of my dressingroom just for blazers, since I find this such an easy look. Why exactly is this easy? Let me tell you, I just don't always have the time to really try different outfits or variations in the morning when I'm in a rush. So when I'm in a hurry I take a pair of black jeans, or leather pants depending on where I have to go. I combine it with a Zara tricot top, you know their basic top that they sell in probably thousand colors. I put a blazer on top and black boots. And I'm ready to go!



What a beautiful sunny day to have a walk outside. As the days are getting shorter already I'm getting ready for fall. You know me, I live for fall and winter. So I'm not too mad about it. This might be the last time in 2019 you see me walking around in a playsuit. Had to get this one out of my closet at least once lol.



It feels weird to write this down, as I'm not fully believing it myself yet. In a few days I'll leave my beloved Antwerp, so this may be my last blogpost while I still live here. First I wasn't exactly sure if this was what I wanted, but now I'm fully convinced that I will be happy in my new home in Limburg. Especially since I love redecorating. The house is going to be twice the size of our current apartment, which means I have way more space and I can even add some furniture. One of the 3 bedrooms is going to be our workspace, I'm so happy to have all our stuff and computer in one inspiring space. Can't wait to make some new content for my blog and social media. 
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